About Us

Founded by local Cardiff resident, Bente Drost "B", Style-Hunting is a San Diego based Luxury Consignment company, offering door-to-store service for all of Southern California, as well easy free shipping options to anyone in the US.  
Bente was born in Denmark and moved to the States during her college years. With her degree in business, and years of experience in high-end fashion all over the world, B has found a way to blend her book smarts with her passions; building a company feeding both her mind and her heart.  She has become what America is built on, Entrepreneurs.  You could say she is truly living The American Dream!
Style-Hunting has organically grown from the love for fashion and the drive of a businesswoman. In the early stages, the business was run out of B's home, selling family and friend's once loved items on eBay, to currently filling an entire warehouse full of amazing product from clients all over the country, and still growing. B has built up her Style-Hunting team and surrounded herself with employees who support her passion and believe in the cause. The continuing success and growth are contributed to working from a place of passion; nurturing relationships with clients and valuing each item, as it were their own.
Style-Hunting believes in the value and importance of upcycle & recycle. Every item can have a purpose and use again, even items not accepted, can be donated. Living in a world of excess, the hope is to leave an imprint, not only knowing and sharing good fashion but making less of a footprint on this earth.